Getting to Know The Fabric Decipherer a.k.a El-dad

Getting to Know The Fabric Decipherer a.k.a El-dad

The rosefabrics experience is ever evolving, bringing you the best in everything fabric related. From history to back stories, and even personalities.  Speaking of personalities, we recently partnered with the twitter famous Fabric Decipherer himself to bring you top notch content on fabrics. Known on Ghanaian twitter by his infamous handle @ChristDeKing, we sat down with (Nose masks on of course after sanitizing our hands) to ask him about his origins, his undying love and impeccable knowledge for African wax prints and his new expectations with us.

Q. Who and What influenced you to take fabric knowledge seriously?

A. Fabric played an important role in my upbringing and I’m grateful to my folks for it.  The President and twitter family made me to understand that, it’s very educative and I have decided to take it serious and share the little insight of my home knowledge with those who are interested in it.

Q. What’s your favorite fabric and how sentimental is it to you?

A. I don’t really have a favorite fabric, all the local and traditional fabrics have stories or meanings to it and that is the sentimental aspect of it. When you know what you are wearing, you will appreciate it more and be affectionate with it.

Q. What do fabrics mean to you and what grew your interests in them?

  1. Fabrics are part of my story, I grew up with a mom who wore clothes made from African print fabrics (Kaba) to all occasions be it weddings, funerals, baby naming ceremonies (Outdooring) and christening. My mom is the main inspiration behind my love for fabrics.

Q. What impact has social media had on your life?

  1. Social Media is a great platform to meet and share knowledge with people you might never meet in real life. I always look up to the positive side of social media and it has really enlightened me as a person. Meeting new people, challenging yourself and being exposed to diverse opinions. Used well, you can be a student to learn and be better or a teacher to enlighten all in your circle. I embrace the merits more.

Q. What was the inspiration behind your posts on the President‘s fabrics and what do you think of the reactions from it?

  1. The President has been wearing fabrics since the time he was sworn in as the leader of the country and he sends messages through his fabrics and frankly I thought everyone knew what they meant till I decided to just teach my followers and then, the big bang happened. IT BLEW UP! My mind was blowing up at the positive interactions and the followers I gained so decided to make it a thing and teach only on the fabrics H.E wore

The reactions were overwhelming and I have chosen to continue with it because I felt our culture has been thrown away.

Q. Why did you choose Rosefabrics and what does it mean to be part of the rose fabrics family?

  1. Let me be honest here, I chose Rosefabrics because of the brand and the innovative way of selling the fabrics to their clients. I have never seen a fabric vendor with such a modern way of serving their customers in Ghana. Also they convey  positive messages such as promoting the fabric culture and making sure it stays relevant in a world with bombarding western fashion invasion. The fabric is a piece of who we are.

Q. How has the partnership affected you ?

  1. Let me take this opportunity to thank the Rosefabrics family for reaching out to me. 

It was an eye opener and wake up call to what doing what I love. Fabrics will always be my first love. This deal has really made me to understand that I’m doing something right which is positive to my interest and in what I love to do. I want to thank each and everyone who has engaged with all my tweets and thanks to the media as well.  Nyame nhyira mo

Do millennial need to care about fabric culture and why?

  1. I think most of them do care about fabric culture after knowing and getting the meaning of the fabrics they wear. I just want to tell them not to stop “our culture is our heritage”.

We put him to the test to select fabrics for occasions and we were impressed.

Wedding:  I will choose aware3 nhwiren (Wedding flowers) because it talks about happy marriage. The second one is Obaapa fabric (Good wife or woman) the white one to be precise.

Funeral: I can’t choose for a funeral fabric because it depends on the choice of the family. There are a lot in the market with different names and meanings.

A tertiary graduation: I will go for Nkrumah Pencil and ABC fabrics because it talks about education.

Thank You.  #ForTheLoveAndCulture

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