Hey guys 🙂
This is our new blog feature which includes tips on fashion style,African Prints,fashion tricks and easy hacks,personal styling and other aspects of fashion.
To kick start,let’s talk about an easy hack to remove gum from fabrics 🙂

It is annoying when you mistakenly sit on gum and it refuses to come off your clothes! The worse part is when that particular outfit is your favorite,the one your adore and occasionally wear. Wondering how to get the gum out? It’s really simple,follow the steps below…

* Step 1
Don’t panick!!!Its very hard to remain calm when a chewing gum catastrophe occurs but worrying never solves any problem 🙂
*Step 2
Get an ice-cube and rub it on the gum in the area where its stuck.Sounds silly right?Well the idea is to harden the gum by freezing it and this prevents the gum from sinking deeper into the fabric.

*Step 3
When hard and cold enough,scrap the gum off with any sharp object such as a knife. Voila! It’s off! Be careful not to cut or damage your fabric in the process.

This trick works for hair and furniture too.
There are other tricks out there so drop the tricks you use in the comment box!
Watch this space for more tips and tricks 🙂

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