Favorite African Prints with Denim Looks!!!!!

Favorite African Prints with Denim Looks!!!!!

I love to wear jeans pants everyday, all day except for some events but these days things are changing and a new trend is taking over.

I can even wear my jeans trousers to the office and even business events!!!!! Its such a relief for many denim lovers like me since its easy to wear our comfortable denims with any African Print and still look presentable and ready for any event. Let me share my favorite denim with African Print looks!!!! Remember to visit Rose Fabrics Ghana for all your favorite African Prints.

This look by Pokello makes me happy!!! Very simple yet classy,fit for any business casual event or Saturday hang out look!!!

I call this the ‘Boss Lady’ Look!!!!! Step into the office with this mind blowing Friday Casual look! I cant get enough of the jacket and fabric!!!!:)

Jackie Appiah!!!! The jeans:) This rip jean trousers combined with the jacket gives a classy and beautiful look that would make heads turn at any event!!

Shorts!!!!!!! Shorts for the beach,any outdoor event and even a girl’s day hangout:) Slay the shorts with any African Print top and look good for any appropriate event.

Denim skirts!!!:) They are finally back on the market and I love how they can be slayed with any African Print. Pokello knows how to slay African Prints and I’m a personal fan:)

Another lovely look for a Saturday or Sunday hangout or visit to any loved one.:)

Denim lovers are not left out of the new fashion trend:) With two or more yards of African Prints we can slay the Ankara look!!!

Share your thoughts and comments!! Lets interact:)

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