RoseFabricsGh Launches “Mystery Box”

RoseFabricsGh Launches “Mystery Box”

rosefabricsgh mystery box

Rosefabricsgh, Africas leading online fabric store, launches its subscription service called Mystery Box. Over the past 2 years, RosefabricsGh has continued to show excellence and innovative ways to satisfy its customers as it strives to become a global force in the clothing space.


Why Mystery Box?

“The idea of introducing a subscription service came up after we noticed some customers found it really difficult to choose from a pool of wonderful fabrics day in day out.


Also, we realized that our customers need a hand in choosing the right present when it comes to fabrics so we introduced Mystery Box. It’s the antidote to this terrible and unimaginative affliction. It’s an experience – the priceless gift of anticipation and wonder (and in some cases even deflation)”, says Ken Anku, CEO of RoseFabricsGh


There are no surprises attached to gift-giving anymore and mystery has been cruelly replaced with mindless wish-lists. There is no sense of adventure?


 How it Works:

To subscribe both, new and existing customers need to visit

Or do so via phone call 027 295 4084.

Customers then fill a subscription form indicating their preference and packages.

A team of experts review each customer’s entry and put together a surprise.

Based on the delivery period a customer selects we ensure we deliver on time.
Packages Available

All packages can be subscribed for on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis and come with free delivery.

GHc 48 (4yards)

GHc 70 (6yards)

GHc 140 (12yards)


Benefits of subscribing

Customers who subscribe to the Mystery Box get exclusive access to our new stock even before they get uploaded onto or website.

They also enjoy discounts on orders above 6 yards indefinitely.


According to Kenneth Anku, he is extremely excited about this new addition and particularly highlights the fact that it will give the company an opportunity to offer more personalized service to its customers. “Mystery Box is here to stay, I give a lot of credit to the entire team especially the marketing department who work tirelessly to put this together”.


Treat yourself. Treat someone else. Just treat them to a bit of mystery. Put your fate in our hands. Subscribe Now


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