How To Care For Your Fabric.

How To Care For Your Fabric.

Keeping your favorite fabric in a good way is one of the headaches of many fabric lovers like me. It’s not just about purchasing the latest Printex Design making waves in the market,how to take care of it to prevent fading is also another aspect we need to look at.

Today we look at how to keep our GTP fabrics, Vlisco Prints,HiTarget ,Binta and Polished Cotton Prints. These fabrics are available in most African Print shops including Rose Fabrics Ghana. We would consider the various types of fabrics and their unique nature as well.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the principal clothing fibre in the world and it’s cool and comfortable to wear. Most African Prints are made from cotton, making them durable and comfy to wear in any kind of weather.It allows the skin to breath making it the perfect fabric. Cotton can be made into durable fabrics such as denim and canvas which resists wear and tear making at suitable for work wear. Cotton shrinks at high temperatures but very easy to iron. Frequent washing could affect fabric surface but its advisable to dry fabrics after wearing them to dry out the sweat before placing them indoors.Its ideal to handwash cotton fabrics with the right detergent with cold or lukewarm water. When dry, its best to iron at the right temperature and roll in a fold way to prevent creases and fold lines.

  • Silk

Silk is one of the oldest textile fibres. Silk is considered a luxurious fabric associated with wealth and status but these days most fashion designers incorporate some amount of silk into most designs.Silk fabric could be hand washed in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent.It dries quickly but its best to use the natural way when drying.Silk burns easily when ironed with a high temperature.If your silk garment clings to your body when worn try putting a drop of a good quality hair conditioner in your final rinse water.

  • Linen

The strongest of the vegetable fibres,its stronger than cotton.Linen can be easily dyed and the colour does not fade when washed. Linen should always be washed by hand at cool temperatures or dry cleaned and although it wrinkles easily it irons well.

Its very easy to cater for fabrics yet alot of us ignore the maintenance problem which causes our fabrics to fade and shrink!!!!

I hope this helps our fabric lovers out there!!!!

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  2. Gerald at 12:25 pm

    Personally, I’ve learnt that using bar soap to handwash your fabrics help prolong their aesthetics and delays fading. Detergents help with laces but quickly fade if they’re washed very frequently. Know your fabrics and its kryptonite.

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