Top Africa-Based Fashion Bloggers: Mens And Womenswear Global Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Top Africa-Based Fashion Bloggers: Mens And Womenswear Global Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Fashion and style connect the whole human race, so we have diverted our attention to another geographic region to spotlight its unique and chic bloggers. The African continent is rich with influencers just waiting to be found.

We’ve listed some of our favorite bloggers below to help find your inner-African style.

Sergio Ines — Cape Town, South Africa — What My Boyfriend Wore

After Sergio Ines’ former girlfriend posted pictures of his outfits on Instagram, they became so popular and his amount of followers skyrocketed. This demand inspired Sergio to create a blog dedicated to the trendy Instagram page.

Today, What My Boyfriend Wore has become a successful menswear blog featuring the what and how of style.

Denola Adeptun, aka Denola Grey — Nigeria — Denola Grey

Denola Grey is a Nigerian men’s style enthusiast that grew up admiring his uncle — who was always very impeccably dressed. On his blog Grey writes: “Fashion is the expression of how you feel on the inside, showcased on the outside.”

Steven Onoja — Nigeria — Ostentation and Style

Steven Onoja was born and raised in Nigeria, and he currently resides in New York City. Inspired by the explosion of menswear and art, Onoja created Ostentation and Style in an effort to provide his vision of fashion from an urban perspective.

Today, Ostentation and Style has grown to be a source of inspiration to a global readership. Onoja shares his passion, experiences and perspectives on his blog with the hope of shining a light on the beauty of culture as a whole.

Sharon Mundia — Abuja, Nigeria — This is Ess

Sharon Mundia — the Kenyan fashion blogger and fashion lover behind personal style blog This is Ess — has been active on the site for a couple of years now.

On her blog, Mundia gives her opinion that: “Fashion isn’t just about being trendy and cute, it’s about expressing your character, building your confidence and ultimately celebrating yourself.”

Tendai Kamusikiri — Harare, Zimbabwe — Signature Toscie

Signature Toscie is an online space that takes a look at all that is Harare, from boutique outlets to defining fashion events in the city. Follow Tendai on Instagram to find some Zimbabwean style inspiration straight from the African city.

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