The Crown On My Head

The Crown On My Head

I love to feel like the princess that I am, having my tiara with diamond studs on the regular but of course, this society would certainly see me as a woman who refuses to grow out of her Disney world. Fortunately, society is going back to pick up old practices which are making my queenly lifestyle become a reality.

My grandmother insists this much talked about new trend of queenliness began years before I was born and this new society is only practicing “sankofa”, a term in the local dialect which describes the act of taking old things to make them new. She made it clear that in the Sub- Saharan Africa, older women would wrap their scarfs till their necks lose their balance to indicate their modesty, spirituality and prosperity.

Duku, like its popularly called in Ghana, has gained ground in our society and can be worn by different age groups just by adding a little twist. Having a bad hair day, trying to add some extra color to your outfit or just trying to look extra like I always want to, you only need to get a yard or less of your beautiful ‘ntomma’ and fix that crown on your head!! ,

How to fix head wraps

Viola! You have your head wrap ready to be rocked with any outfit of your choice. It’s quite simple yet represents my queenly nature. Get your colorful fabric from RoseFabricsGh fix that wrap and lift your head high because you are a queen.


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